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Aires - Aires (drone/shoegaze - debut 2014)

Aires- Aires

The Aires project is only a couple of months old yet it represents years of experimentation with sources as diverse as digital sounds, samples and field recordings. The self-titled debut album, just released by Enough Records, shows this sonic evolution in 30 minutes, divided by three tracks and an interlude. Dark, machine-driven yet emotional and ambitious, "Aires" is a firm first step into the world of experimental music.

Reviews :
"The eight minute epic ‘Contraplacado’ is enough to put the fear of God into all of us – prepare the fallout shelter folks.The self-titled debut is cinematic, dark and gives MBV's "Holocaust" a run for its money!" (@ Sounds Better With Reverb)

" Truly magnificent work here, blending field recordings, shoegaze, and the almighty drone to send you soaring above the storm clouds and into the heart of the sun." (@Anti-Gravity Bunny)

"It’s an oceanic, heavy drone piece with the merest echoes of melody. Beautiful work all told." (@Darkfloor)

"Overhelming shoegazing ambient, that takes the listeners into the depths of life! You must taste track 4 – ‘Contraplacado‘ – WONDERFUL!" (@Kulturterrorismus)

"For now, just close your eyes, sit back and let the music wash over you as you meditate an answer as to how deep it really goes." (@ Independent Review)


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